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Hardware Supply & Rental

Hardware Supply & Rental

Learn more about the pre-approval process for technology,Hardware Supply&Rental accessed via a web browser or vendor-hosted cloud services ...

Hardware Supply & Rental | Enfo Informatics

Hardware Supply & Rental

Learn more about the pre-approval process for technology, Hardware Supply & Rental accessed via a web browser or vendor-hosted cloud services and subscriptions. This includes e-learning platforms, online tests, assessments, surveillance, corporate-wide solutions, and any student or public technology. Freeing up your team’s time means, providing quality and enduring equipment, hardware and software solutions. Equal adherence to new and old technology means choosing Hardware Supply & Rental equipment based on performance, not innovation. Being the number one advocate of your time comes from our deep understanding of your industry and business. With a highly qualified and experienced sales team, we always start with the right questions to understand what you need from your technology. This detailed process ensures you to get the most appropriate equipment for optimum productivity. The use of computer equipment is not limited to IT professionals. In today’s World, every company, big or small no matter, needs to have an IT infrastructure. From White-collar workers and technicians using computers to generate quotes and invoices, to start-ups using innovative communications software, no one is excluded from needing IT equipment.

Hardware Supply Process

Integration with Web Accessibility Policy, corporate-level applications or licensing systems will be required. Solutions and software applications that are installed on UB servers should be confirmed by financial Management and IT before purchasing to ensure compliance with business policies.

Process Objectives

The final result of the review process is to provide a recommendation or approval for the Purchase of the software, service or application.

  • Web-based services
  • Cloud computing offered through cloud provider
  • Server-based software that requires installation on UB servers
  • Any service or software accessed by students or the public through UB or third-party web pages
  • Use of any software or service (credit card) that collects payments or requires PCI compliance
  • Any software or service that contains or exchanges Personal Identifiers or HIPAA data
  • Any upgrade from existing on premises software to cloud based service software
  • All corporate-based software or license-wide software
  • All perennial renewals that are not previously reviewed during this period