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Archive Digitization Software

Archive Digitization Software

Archive digitization software installation and training staff will leave you with a fully functional digitization system in a short period of time.

Archive Digitization Software | Enfo Bilişim

Our archive digitization software, EnfoDoc, is a powerful user-friendly software that can run properly on both Linux and Windows operating systems, in which we can perform operations such as batch scanning, indexing, data digitization, OCR and as well as displaying data.

Beside this please contact with us for our software that we can perform other complex operations such as EnfoDMS, Physical Archive.

Archive Digitization Software

The complexity and high initial and operating costs of Archive Digitization Software projects have long confused most library and museum archives.

The complex structure and high costs of archive digitization software projects have been replaced by high-performance and low-cost digitization systems today.

Archive digitization software installation and training staff will leave you with a fully functional digitization system in a short period of time. Follow-up training logins over the web allow your staff to produce multiple digital books each day that completed with hierarchical metadata.

With the low prices and high performance of new book scanning hardware, the complete digitization labs are extremely cost-effective.

Archive Digitization Software’s automatic data transfer feature makes it easy to transfer multiple copies of your digital archive to new media every three to five years, ensuring no data is lost. Also during data transfer, it will automatically convert outdated data formats to new standards that may arise in the future.

Archıve Dıgızatıon Software Elements

  • Workflow Manager
  • Automatic and Manual Image Enhancement
  • Integrated Hierarchical Metadata Capture
  • Latest Technology Customizable Output Variants and Formats
  • Automatic Archiving
  • Data Transfer Facility
  • Digital Collection Website Builder
  • Enlightened Architecture

Archive Digitization Software results from a clear understanding of each element of Access systems and their main purpose. In book publishing, books are rarely produced in stores that sell them. Production is not only separate from retail, but also provides a simple, consolidated relationship with book producers. There are distributors to meet the specific needs of each store. In some cases distributors provide storage services, and sometimes product storage is carried out by the manufacturer.

Archive Digitization Software Function Examples

  • Indexing scans in image format different from paper, microfilm or PDF
  • OCR-Gothic-Fraktur text inclusion
  • Automatic article segmentation and metadata extraction
  • Efficient tools for quality control and regulation when needed
  • Outputs in various file formats such as JPG, searchable PDF and XML. All in flexible formats including various XML standards.