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Electronic Document Management System

Electronic Document Management System

Our software easily work in integration with all types of EDMS. Please contact us for information about EDMS or for archive digitization ...

Electronic Document Management System | Enfo Informatics

Our software easily work in integration with all types of EDMS. Please contact us for information about EDMS or for archive digitization software integrations with any EDMS.

Electronic Document Management Systems

An EDMS, or electronic document Management system, is robust software designed to centralize an organization’s relevant documents and engineering drawings, thereby replacing old, disparate, or manual systems. The goal is to provide a single and real source that facilitates collaboration, streamlines compliance, simplifies document version control, and ultimately derives great efficiency and ROI.

What Can an Electronic Control System Do?

Businesses and organizations have discovered that a well-designed and properly implemented EDMS can help its users tackle some of mundane and error-prone tasks of daily operations. Employees who use the powerful features of a document Management system work faster and more efficiently, especially when it provides them the following skills;

  • Remove printouts and manual processes
  • Access to relevant information and documents directly from mobile devices
  • Navigate and maintain the relationship between documents, design models (such as CAD), and physical spaces or assets
  • Access accurate and complete documents in just a few clicks, regardless of source and format
  • Provide document version control and content Management to prevent users from working on incorrect or outdated documents
  • Versions
  • Provide users to Access to complete, up to date documentation on work orders or other business processes
  • Maintain the quality, accuracy, and completeness of data and metadata in a unified system

The Functionality of Electronic Document Management Systems

EDMS manages the creation, use and storage of documents in most formats. Although EDMS share similarities with institutional content Management systems, it can be important to differentiate them, especially when exchanging solutions. EDMS platforms are lack some of the functionality of institutional content Management systems, including intelligent content capture, business process automation, and records Management features. However, even on its own an EDMS provides a comprehensive solution for workers to organize and distribute the knowledge documents efficiently across their organizations.

EDMS platforms include tools for;

  • Scalable and centralized document storage
  • Versioning, markup and co-editing
  • Access control and tagging
  • Metadata Management and full-text search
  • Consolidated searches across multiple sources and platforms
  • Managing document and record life cycles
  • Internal and external file sharing
  • Monitoring document history and system activity

5 Management System

  • Content Management
  • Work-flow Management
  • Record Management
  • Document Monitoring
  • Institutional Content Management