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Digital and Physical Archive Services

Digital and Physical Archive Services

He graduated from the preparation of the files of the Digital Archive System and from theory.

Digital and Physical Archive Services | Enfo Bilişim

Digital and Physical Archive Services

Digital archive system is the management of documents in paperless environment and storage in digital environment.

Physical Archive Editing

  • Feasibility studies for determination of archival material within institutions, inventory extraction, storage plan and standard file plan preparation,
  • Classification and Extraction Procedures of files and documents belonging to institutions,
  • Qualification of files and documents belonging to institutions,
  • Tagging of corporate files,
  • Packaging and addressing of files belonging to institutions,
  • Entering the address information of boxes of files belonging to institutions into the archive system.

Digital Archive

Preparation Of Documents for Scanning

Digital archive system is the management of documents in paperless environment and storage in digital environment.

Digitalization Stages

Materials that will damage machines such as staples, paper clips are cleaned, documents that will not be scanned are parsed, and documents that will be scanned are corrected so that they can easily pass through the scanner.


After editing, documents are scanned with document scanners and transferred to a computer environment.

Image Enhancement

At this stage, algorithms are applied that improve the quality of digitized images.


For access to documents, information such as Document Type, document number, document date, number of documents, file to which the document belongs is taken.

Control Process

Care should be taken to ensure that the work done in scanning and indexing documents is complete. The main basis of access to the document is the correct entry of information. Missing works should be followed up with daily controls and quality controls should be done at every stage of the work.

Benefits of Digital Archiving

  • Access time to documents is reduced to a minimum,
  • Labor and time savings are provided,
  • There is no need to reach the original documents and document wear is prevented,
  • With this system, documents that you forget even exist are revealed in a very short time,
  • More than one person can access the same document at the same time,
  • Information sharing and corporate productivity increases

Enfodoc Archive Management System

With Enfodoc AMS (Archive Management System) , you can manage your files and documents physically and digitally.

Enfodoc is user-friendly.

It allows the end user to easily access files, documents.

Enfodoc facilitates archive and document management with all its features.

  • Enfodoc works on Database... (MSSQL, etc.)
  • Enfodoc's admin interface can work in web-based architecture
  • Enfodoc has its own query infrastructure.
  • Enfodoc runs smoothly on Windows Operating systems.
  • There is Turkish OCR engine support in Enfodoc.
  • There is a feature to change the document orientation in Enfodoc.
  • Enfodoc is fully compatible with LDAP and Active Directory Servers.
  • In Enfodoc software, for each scanned document, regardless of the features of the scanner, there are functions of curvature correction, removal of white borders, removal of black edges, noise removal, blank page detection.
  • 1D and QR barcodes can be detected in Enfodoc and the information in the barcode content can be automatically transferred to the system at the time of scanning.
  • In line with increasing current needs, Enfodoc can be developed, updated and expanded by design and other studies to be carried out by authorized users at the time of work.
  • Adding, updating, changing, deleting and authorizing files in Enfodoc can be done by users within the authority without requiring programming knowledge.
  • Enfodoc allows to define different document classes at runtime, database fields of defined document types can differ and can be authorized on the basis of unit, role and user.
  • Enfodoc supports document-based authorization. These powers include basic security criteria such as listing, viewing, modifying, and making the document active/passive in search results.
  • End users can have different query and record screens for each document type defined in the direction determined and authorized by the System Administrator, these screens can be designed by authorized users with a visual design tool and differ according to the unit, role and user based on document class.
  • End users can customize their query result lists on the document search page they are authorized to see, within the scope of their authority.
  • No changes are made to the original of any document added to the digital archive system
  • The history of the document found as a result of the query can be displayed.
  • The authority to view the documents added by users hierarchically by their top managers is determined by the system administrators.
  • There is a feature to save additional documents to a selected document. If desired, additionally saved documents can be viewed by the software.
  • The application has a structure that will provide easy access to the document. Documents can be accessed by different search methods such as searching from index information, searching for content (Full Text), searching for index content and advanced searching with the help of logical operators (and, or etc.).
  • Documents can be sent by e-mail by authorized users.
  • Users can message through the application when necessary.
  • There is continuous access through Intranet and Internet structures.
  • It can work with FTP infrastructure.
  • According to the file plan structure created in the physical environment, an unlimited number of units and series can be determined on the application, and a data table can be created for each series. In the data tables created, it is possible to determine how the field types will be, and an unlimited number of fields can be created.
  • In borrowing transactions, the file in the physical environment can be embezzled to the person receiving the file, and when necessary, that person can embezzle that file to another user within the organization through the application. In this way, a file can be embezzled an unlimited number of times, and it is possible to track who and where the file was last.
  • Users can see the units and file series on the application within their authorization and can list the data in these series.
  • Enfodoc can run smoothly on all scanners with TWAIN interface.
  • While searching, limitations can be made with criteria such as "and", "or".
  • As a result of the search, the user can access the image of the document, file headers and document headers.
  • The user can see all the pages of the multi-page images, one by one, as a result of the search.
  • If authorized, the user can receive the displayed documents as printer output.